online Protection


While the internet provides vast and helpful resources, there is much content that is harmful and potentially devastating in the lives of Christians. For this reason, believers should be careful in guarding their hearts and minds. Each of us needs spiritual accountability in areas of temptation. In addition, many should utilize some tools to help in guarding against temptation. 

Protecting Yourself

Here's a short talk from Tim Challies on purity in a digital world. Watch now

Covenant Eyes is a helpful tool in guarding against online temptation. It maintains a log of websites visited and categorizes these sites accordingly. This list is emailed to an accountability partner. In addition, Covenant Eyes offers a web filtering solution. Learn more

Protecting Your Children

Parents have an especially critical responsibility in protecting their children from online dangers. Tim Challies, a father of three, explains a strategy for protecting your children. Read more

Another tool that parents should consider is called uKnowKids or Qustudio. These technologies help parents monitor and review their child's online activity or digital footprint including mobile device use. 

Another possibility for protecting your family is called Circle. This technology provides online protection while your children are on your home network and offers an option to protect them while using mobile devices on other networks. 

In this article, John Mark Yeats, dean of Midwestern College, interviews Midwestern's IT director about online safety. There are some good recommendations for parents. Read more

In this article, Tim Challies, writes to a teenager who is getting a smartphone for the first time. Read more