Bible reading plans

Below are several options for reading through the Bible. If you’re ready to read the whole Bible, consider the Read the Bible for Life plan, For the Love of God plan, or one of the ESV Reading Plans. If you would like to read the Bible through in two years, choose the Two Year Plan below. If you want to read Bible highlights over the year, choose the Read the Bible for Life Abbreviated Plan or the F-260 Plan. Let us be a people who read, study, and are transformed by the Word of God! 


One Year Bible Highlight – F-260 Plan

In this plan by Pastor Robby Gallaty, you’ll read 1-2 chapters daily for five days a week. This plan covers “foundational Bible passages.”  Click here to download the YouVersion app with the F-260 reading plan for iPhone/android. 

Two Year Plan

This two year plan by Pastor Stephen Witmer will take you through the whole Bible in two years. Each day you will read from one book of the Bible with an additional reading from Psalm or Proverbs. You’ll actually read Psalm and Proverbs four times over the two year period. Click here for more information about this plan. 


One Year Plan – Read the Bible for Life

In this plan by Professor George Guthrie, you’ll read the entire Bible in one year. The readings are arranged chronologically, so you’ll mostly be reading passages in their chronological order. 

Click here for an abbreviated plan that will take you through Bible highlights over the course of a year. 

Click here for Family Worship guides that correspond with this reading plan (developed by The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL). 


One Year Plan – For the Love of God

This plan by 19th Century Scottish Pastor, Robert Murray M’Cheyene, will take you through the Old Testament once, the Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament twice. Professor D. A. Carson has made some revisions to the plan and has provided daily devotional thoughts as well; these thoughts are available in two volumes, For the Love of God. Click here for more information about this plan and a printable version of the plan.


CSB Bible Reading Plans

At this link, you'll find CSB Bible reading plans. 

ESV Bible Reading Plans

At this link, you'll find several ESV Bible reading plans. 


Bible Reading Record

This tool by Professor Don Whitney is a half-sheet that you can place in your Bible, checking off chapters as you read them.