CoVID-19 update


Regarding our worship services and the coronavirus, we have reviewed guidelines suggested by the CDC and the State of Texas for churches. We are striving to comply with these guidelines as we move forward. We believe that love of neighbor compels us to act with care and caution. Obviously, we want to protect the most vulnerable among us, and we don't want to be the source of spreading COVID-19 in our community. 

Worship Services

Currently, we offer three service options. We believe these options will allow people to make a choice based on their circumstances.

  • 8:00 AM - Outdoor Service - for folks who are more comfortable avoiding indoor spaces
  • 10:30 AM - Indoor Service - for folks who are comfortable meeting indoors (limited to 100 plus some room for guests/people who haven't signed up)
  • 10:30 AM - Live Stream - for folks who are in high-risk categories

As per current state recommendations (issued July 2, 2020 by Governor Abbott), we urge people to wear masks at our gatherings. 

If you plan to attend the 10:30 AM service in the auditorium, please let us know by calling the office or registering here. We ask you to register to ensure safe capacities based on government recommendations. We are trying to include a little extra space for guests who show up unexpectedly as well. Please let us know that you are planning to attend this service each week with registration opening every Monday. 

Also, an area for nursing mothers is available in the Kid's Building during our outdoor and indoor services. 

Guidelines for Safety

In all of our gatherings, we encourage the following based on recommendations from the CDC and state government:

  • People in higher-risk categories are encouraged to view live stream services
  • If you are not feeling well, running a fever, or have a cough, please stay home
  • Maintain a social distance of 6' from others who did not attend with you
  • Use hand sanitizer/wash hands regularly
  • Masks will be available

We will continue to review recommendations from the CDC, state, and local governments as they are revised, and make changes to our procedures and protocols as needed. 

Groups & Children Ministry

Because of increasing COVID cases in our area, we are delaying plans to bring groups and classes back on campus. We are not offering childcare or children's classes at this time. 


During this challenging time, we want to meet the needs of our church members and our community. Please contact the office if we can serve you.


We urge you to pray for our church, community, the sick and elderly, people whose financial well-being is being affected, medical professionals, first responders, government leaders, and our missionaries during these troubling times. Perhaps, the Lord will use these circumstances to draw many to Himself. 


We will post updates on this page and communicate with our church family as changes are made.