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March 29, 2020


Sermon Notes

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Discussion Questions

  1. In these two verses, David asks the Lord, "How long" four times? What was David struggling with?
  2. What is the origin of human suffering?
  3. What are some ways that God brings good out of our pain?
  4. If you were talking with a non-Christian who said to you, "I can't believe in God because of all of the suffering in the world." How might you respond? 
  5. How does the gospel give us hope in the face of suffering?
    The gospel is the good news that though we are broken in our sin, God doesn't leave us there. He sent His Son to this earth, and while here, He lived a perfect life. Jesus was nailed to a cross, dying the death we deserve to die. He was buried and God raised Him from the dead, proving that He is who He said He was. If you turn from your sin and believe in Jesus, God does a miracle. He takes all of your sin and places it on Jesus, and He takes Jesus's righteousness and gives it to you. This means that we can be in a right standing with God and pursue His design for our lives. 
  6. What could help you trust God more amidst pain and suffering?
  7. Spend some time in prayer, asking the Lord for grace to hold fast to Him during these difficult days.  

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